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Answering to a Guy on Facebook about Feminism: or How to Feel much Better after Telling a Couple of Truths to the Ignorant Masses

"Here’s the thing with Emma Watson, HeForShe, and feminism. I want to agree with all of it but I can’t.
(1) I’m pro-life (so are 41% of women in America). Can a feminist be pro-life?
(2) The claim that women make 77 cents for every a dollar a man makes for the same work is misleading and untrue. When you factor in education, experience, length of uninterrupted work, overtime, time off, and negotiation, the pay gap essentially disappears.
(3) I’m against the notion that “gender” is a social construct. Men and women are physically and psychologically wired differently.
(4) Male depression has nothing to do with feminism, it has to do with mental health.
(5) The reason “a father’s role is being valued less by society” is because of feminism. Women who choose to be single mothers are usually on the Left.
(6) There are two types of people: the decent and the indecent. Those are the only two categories you need. Men are not the enemy, evil people are. In college 90% of rapes are committed by 3% of the male population.
(7) Emma wants men to step up and be leaders, she wants their help. It’s He for She. She appeals to gender stereotypes under a “feminism” that fights against it.
(8) Feminism singles out one group (women), that’s not equality. I prefer Egalitarian. Equal rights for all. Human trafficking is a human rights issue. Rape is a crime. Discrimination is wrong period.
(9) I’m for liberty. If a woman wants to be a housewife so be it. If she wants a career so be it. It’s her choice. But I’m not going to apologize for believing that in general women are better at taking care of babies.
(10) Women who seek to be equal with men should aim a little higher.”

1. Feminism is about defending women’s rights, and it first come with a right of choice. That whole american debate is medieval to me. It’s our body, not yours. I think the father should definitely have a conversation with the mother about a specific and personal situation, but I do not think that it’s the place of any man to have a general opinion about what women should do in general with their lives and their bodies.
2. What do you mean by "essentially" disappears ? That men are “essentially” more paid than women ? That we’re “essentially” not equal ? The margin doesn’t matter : it exists, thus it’s wrong. You cannot deny it, it’s like people who like to pretend that climate change is not happening.
3. We’re physically different, so we deserve to be treated differently ? Medically surely, anything else is crap and has been taught to you by Society, which has been ruled by…. wait a minute… white christian straight males ! About the “psychologically different”, that’s bullshit. We’re all different. The rest is clichés and generalities.
4. I don’t know what this references exactly, but some men feel extremely threatened by women asking for the same rights that are considered due to men. Just you writing this doesn’t feel right to me : shouldn’t you support more than half of your race to be treated rightly ? To go nit-picking about “physically wired differently” makes you miss the point, I think.
5. No, it’s not. A father’s role is valued less by society because BEING LIKE A WOMAN, OR LIKE YOUR IDEA OF WHAT A WOMAN IS, IS CONSIDERED WRONG, STUPID, SHALLOW, WEAK AND (God forbid) GIRLY. That’s why tomboys or the “cool girls” are so appreciated by guys, especially in fiction, while more feminine boys are bullied or worse. Being like a girl sucks (just think of all the insults based around the concept of feminity), while being manly that’s awesome.
And that first statement of yours has nothing to do with single mothers, nor political opinions. Also, here’s a secret: "single mother" just happens. People die, people get divorced, people leave a bad situation, people are not in love anymore. If a guy left his wife, would you say he “chose” to be a single father ? The only time where it would be a “choice” would be when a single woman adopts or conceive a baby without a boyfriend or a husband. And in this case it would be the choice to have a baby, not to be a single mother (that’s just a consequence). And even if it were a choice, so what ? What does politics has anything to do with maternity ? Feminism IS NOT about what side of politics you stand on. It’s a fight for the human race.
6. Feminism is not about making men the enemy. Feminism is about defending women who have been made the enemy by a lot of men. We would never do to the other sex what has been done to us. But, of course, there’s is bad everywhere and in both sexes, that’s a given. I do think that Good/Evil is a bit simplistic. For ex, tons of guys are not “evil” by nature, but society has shown them that women exist for their pleasure, to look pretty and sexy, to be available and weaker. Those guys are not evil, but they’re far from decent !
You give those weird percentages. Let me give you a true one: out of all the rapes on campus, 100% are comitted by men. Having a penis drive some men crazy and they think they are due instant gratification. Those people who think that way and teach their children (both girls and boys) that way, are the enemy. And I would never do an ignorant generality by saying “all men are like this”, of course not. But when a girl gets raped, the guys keep on saying “well, I’M not like that!”. Good for them, but it’s really not the point.
7. Feminism is not about saying we hate men or don’t need them for anything. It’s saying that we can do stuff by ourselves and should be able to. It’s not saying we don’t need help. It’s saying, hey guys, we’re all human beings here, want to support us and agree with us ? I think it’s great that most women do not try to antagonize men in this struggle. We’re just trying to live the way you do and are looking for support for a just cause. Wives and daughters have been raised in the past and today to be supportive of the men around them. Time to give us a hand in return.
8. That’s like straight people saying they need a Straight Pride ! EVERY DAY is Straight Male Pride ! Feminism is about promoting women, so they can be equal to men legally, politically, morally, etc. Men don’t need promoting ! I know what you’re saying, but you’re misunderstanding semantics and maybe are a tiny bit afraid of the “f” word.
9. A lot of women hate babies and/or would suck at taking care of them. A lot of men are great at it and want a big family. What you wrote is a society (there it is again) cliché, that suits machists very well. It’ is prejudice, not fact. I actually think that’s it’s insulting to men. Not all women are sweet, not all men are monsters.
10. You mean we should aim to be Godesses and rule over all life to create a more compassionate, fair, logical, beautiful world ? I agree, but be treated like the human beings with a penis would be a good start, and in the end, all that’s really needed. Feminism is not about ruling over or oppressing anybody else. That’s what the majority of the male population has done to us for centuries. And now a lot of them are afraid to lose that power and end up like us, because we’re in such a bad position ! They know it, because they put us there in the first place.
But don’t worry, I only fight for my rights, not to take yours away.

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i always wondered why sherlock was so quick to correct john when they were talking about the color of the bridesmaid dresses. why lilac? perhaps because it’s a very specific color that not only symbolizes renewal and a fresh start but also first love. it was also once used as the color for mourning in the 1800s


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I need more Petyr Baelish…. which means I also need more Aidan Gillen
I have no patience…I want NEW pics, video, book, info….ANY BLOODY THING… I don’t care!
I don’t want to wait till next year, damnit!


I need more Petyr Baelish…. which means I also need more Aidan Gillen

I have no patience…I want NEW pics, video, book, info….ANY BLOODY THING… I don’t care!

I don’t want to wait till next year, damnit!

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The modern view [that it is bad for adults to read fairy tales / children’s books] seems to me to involve a false conception of growth. They accuse us of arrested development because we have not lost a taste we had in childhood. But surely arrested development consists not in refusing to lose old things but in failing to add new things? I now like hock, which I am sure I should not have liked as a child. But I still like lemon-squash. I call this growth or development because I have been enriched: where I formerly had only one pleasure, I now have two. But if I had to lose the taste for lemon-squash before I acquired the taste for hock, that would not be growth but simple change.

I now enjoy Tolstoy and Jane Austen and Trollope as well as fairy tales and I call that growth: if I had had to lose the fairy tales in order to acquire the novelists, I would not say that I had grown but only that I had changed. A tree grows because it adds rings: a train doesn’t grow by leaving one station behind and puffing on to the next. In reality, the case is stronger and more complicated than this. I think my growth is just as apparent when I now read the fairy tales as when I read the novelists, for I now enjoy the fairy tales better than I did in childhood: being now able to put more in, of course I get more out.
C. S. Lewis, “On Three Ways of Writing for Children” (via dduane)

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